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GlassBiller Auto Glass Software is designed to streamline your business with one unified tool to manage everything your business depends on. From data snapshots to the current status of every part of your job lifecycle, Glassbiller helps you streamline so you can automate and scale your entire system. 

Here are 10 ways GlassBiller can help:

  1. TechSIDE Mobile

Your installers go paperless with this digital work order app.  Technicians can manage everything right from their phones. All the information about what’s been completed, what’s being done, and what’s coming up is right at their fingertips:

  • Log in to check upcoming jobs. 
  • Software is connected to google maps to route you to the install location.
  • Verify vehicles and add vehicle profile photos
  • Collect electronic credit card payments or offline payments on the digital work order.
  • Enter the VIN, or enter the license plate number and state so GlassBiller can auto-fill the VIN for you.
  • Collect a customer’s signature digitally when the job is complete right on your device or as a link texted directly to the customer. 
  • Send a customer a link to review your business, if desired.
  • When done click “Complete” and that’s it. The shop instantly has everything they need to bill and finish out the job!
  • Rinse, repeat, and count up the profits.
  1. Scheduling Done Simply and Efficiently

See every work order all in one place. You can access and edit work orders in live time so everybody can see the updated changes immediately. Any employee currently viewing the scheduler will have immediate access to:

  • Job-status
  • Assigned installer
  • Location of the job 
  • Accurate routes
  • Parts ordered
  • Customer notes
  • Simplified views for specific details
  1. Automated Accounts Receivable 

Simplify the process of collecting on outstanding invoices. GlassBiller lets you organize receivable invoices so you never miss a payment:

  • Receive digital payments
  • Email and text payment links
  • Send payment receipts electronically
  • Receive payments on TechSIDE
  • Generate and print aging reports
  • Generate and print customer open invoice reports
  • Generate customer statements
  • View customer balance summaries
  • Receive one payment for multiple invoices
  • Set due dates and get alerts
  1. Effortlessly Tracks Purchase Orders and Parts

Save time tracking down which parts need to be ordered, what parts have been ordered and: 

  • See sourcing information for every part of every job.
  • See a list of ALL jobs for a particular day and the corresponding information.
  • Click any part to see its purchase order information including date, costing amounts, supplier, order number, and the employee who added the PO.
  • Buying parts in bulk? Create a purchase order and add parts to your inventory.
  • Track outstanding returns and never miss a credit again.
  • Track when parts are received or when a tech picks up parts on will call.
  1. Text Package Option

With a text package, you can streamline communication with your customers and give them fast, efficient, superior customer service.

  • Get your own dedicated number or multiple numbers for each employee
  • Create custom text templates. No need to type the same message over and over.
  • Send links for customers to sign their work orders
  • Send links for customers to pay via credit card
  • Send links to confirm appointments
  • Monitor employee and customer conversations
  1. Glass Billing Software that Syncs with Quickbooks

Invoices and payments flow through QuickBooks with precision. Changes you make through the GlassBiller software are automatically updated in QuickBooks, and you can even set up automatic checks to guarantee accuracy.

  1. Personalized Text and Email Templates

Superior customer service has never been more efficient. Send out predefined personalized messages with the click of a button. Send reminders, updates, special offers, thank you notes,  and more with our text and email templates.

  1.  Controlled Customer Data

Customize reports,  filter customer data, create advanced searches, and filter and manage all of your customer data in one place. GlassBiller lets you make informed decisions about your business based on data tracking so you can grow your business faster.

  1. Precise, Customized Reports 

Pull and/or download data reports about any facet of your business. GlassBiller software will allow you to:

  • Filter sales reports by date, sales rep, tech, CSR, etc.
  • Install reports can be filtered by date, job type, sales rep, tech, CSR, etc.
  • View detailed schedule reports
  • Review detailed payment reports by payment type, customer, date, etc.
  • See customer statements
  • Examine accounting reports
  • Use the jobs spreadsheet for customer reports and data extraction
  • Pull customized reports
  1.  Free Demo and a Variety of Contract Free Options

Every business has its own unique needs and budget. Reach out to schedule a 30-day risk-free trial to get started with this user-friendly modern software for auto glass shops.

We aren’t just a software company, we are auto glass pros too. And we’re dedicated to helping shop owners work smarter, not harder. Follow our blog for more insights and industry information to serve your growing auto glass business.

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