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Auto Glass Repair Mobile Units

Brick-and-mortar auto glass businesses are more competitive when they take their services to the streets. Growing auto glass shops that take their services mobile and want to mitigate outgoing expenses must utilize the right vehicle and tools to perform the job.

For most, keeping maintenance costs low is the priority, and finding a reliable and adaptable vehicle that is easy to come by in this market is the primary challenge. Here are some top considerations to be aware of if you’re looking to launch or update the mobile side of your business.

Consider maintenance costs across the long term.

Many mobile auto glass shops consider economy models of trucks or vans to keep costs low. Usually easy to come by, this can be a smart option to start with. However, the low upfront costs can also result in faster wear and tear on the vital systems that run the vehicle. If you have parts that are wearing out and need replacement at a lower mileage mark, you may spend more money in the long run to maintain your fleet. However, investing in a model with a higher up-front cost but lower maintenance costs over time can save you time and help you serve clients more reliably.

Do your research about the best fit for the location.

Consider the area you serve, weather, climate, geography, traffic, and road conditions. Will you serve a high-traffic area with stop-and-go wear and tear on your brakes, or more rural areas requiring more mileage and having unmaintained roads? The best-fit mobile units differ based on the typical hazards they will come up against daily.

Is your mobile unit equipped to handle the tools of the trade?

Your mobile units must accommodate the tools and technology required to bring service to your community. Most updated vehicles have more reliable inverters to enable you to use your tools without surges that will blow them out. Make sure you have a high-capacity sine wave inverter to minimize any risks to your tools and enable you to complete every job swiftly.

Investing in vehicles with upgraded features to help you better access and utilize your tools and software also allows you to serve customers quickly and leave them satisfied

Plan ahead to meet demands.

In areas where the demand increases, beefing up your mobile units is a wise investment. Depending on where you live, those spikes in demand may happen at different times during the year. Frigid winters can increase consumer needs due to hazards with consistently freezing temps. Areas that experience extreme heat in the summer have more drivers on the road and may present an uptick in service calls. Make sure you plan ahead and prepare for the seasons of expected growth in your area.

GlassBiller can help your mobile units perform your everyday tasks and services easily and efficiently. Contact us today for a free demo for more information about how we can assist your growing auto glass business.

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