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2015 showcased the move to cloud computing for many auto glass software companies. Some, like ours, began in the cloud – with the desire to give clients a point of access they could log into anywhere, anytime, as well as the consistent reassurance that data would always be backed up and accessible from any point.

When considering auto glass billing software or a software solution for any flat glass need, it’s important to think about the following aspects of service:
Ease of Use. Is training provided? Does the auto glass billing software you’re interested in provide such training, giving you the opportunity to ask further questions or explore options even after the training is over?

Security/Keeping it in the Cloud. Does your glass billing software give you a secure system you can trust, ensuring your data is backed up in the cloud and accessible from any point? Is the platform your glass biller software uses giving you the option to access from an iPad, a cellphone or other device ensuring POS transactions aren’t messy?

Price. How does your glass biller stack up to what’s on the market currently – are you finding that competitors seem to add better perks and more ease of use all the time while your solution remains the same?

We strive to give our customers the best possible experience and ease of use. Our software is only available as a glass biller/auto glass business software platform. We don’t have a suite of tools with an auto glass option – our customizable cloud based solutions are tailored just for you, the auto glass company.


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