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Here at GlassBiller, one of the features that we are most proud of is that we are a cloud based software.  Now you might hear this term a lot, but what does it mean?

What is Cloud Based?

Cloud based software is software that can be accessed over the internet, and does not need anything to be installed.  Many other points of service software require hefty downloads. This can slow down your computer, and if you are on a different system, you cannot access your software.  This can be detrimental to businesses which is why we allow our software to be accessed by any smart device. GlassBiller has custom applications for the computer and phone so you will always have a smooth experience.


What other key features does having a cloud based software offer?


Well at GlassBiller we also have 2 additional applications focused specifically on the Sales team and your technicians.  Both of our additional applications are also web based which means your team can use them on the computer, and on the go.


Sale Side Mobile

Sale Side is GlassBiller’s web application designed specifically for the sales team behind an auto glass shop.  Sale Side allows sales representatives to create orders, add notes, and send in invoices straight from their Sale Side login linked to their GlassBiller account.  GlassBiller accounts come with unlimited login access to Sale Side. This allows you to grow your sales team while keeping all the information in one portal.


Tech Side Mobile

Tech Side is GlassBiller’s web application designed specifically for the techs assigned to doing the auto glass jobs.  Tech side allows for technicians to access orders sent from sales teams, follow custom routes, and upload photos from their jobs.  GlassBiller allows owners to setup their technician’s whole day allowing for more transparency. All Tech Side accounts are free with the purchase of GlassBiller and also link directly with Sale Side.


The cloud allows for data to be synced across all GlassBiller applications.  Our goal is to make running an auto glass shop simpler and easier. We want your entire team to be able to work together in a coherent system.  It’s time to ditch your bulky software and see what the new wave in auto glass software is. If you sign up today, we will even allow you to have the first month free.  This is because of how confident we are that GlassBiller will work for you and your company.

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