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Key Roles

In order to run a successful auto shop you need all parts of your shop working together.  Making sure that your systems are running smoothly is the first key to success.  Once you have your system in place, it is time to delegate tasks and create a workflow.


This will create a standard that is followed within the auto shop, even if you may not be there.  Assigning people specific roles within the shop is another smooth way of keeping chain of command, while ensuring tasks are still done in a timely manner.


Now your system is all setup, ready to hit the ground running right?  Not quite.


You will want to make sure each of your departments is solid so that once you start getting orders, you are able to fill them effectively.  The core departments within auto glass are going to be salespeople and technicians.  Both of these teams need to work hand in hand to make sure jobs are done, and customers are properly taken care of.


There should be a lead in charge of both the sales and technician team.  This way there is a proper chain of command and it is easy to keep track of orders.  The worst thing that can happen to a team is disorganization leading to loss of sales or missed appointments.


Assigning a lead technician or sales manager can add much needed order and structure.  This way you have specific people who will be able to tell you problems, instead of everyone on your staff.  This also helps you add additional delegators. It would be impossible to run a shop if you constantly had to tell everyone exactly what to do.


These lead positions will be responsible for making sure  their departments get the work that is expected to be done in a timely manner.  If the work is not done, setup effective ways to get back on track, or meet and find out what went wrong.  Stay on top of your shop in order to maximize your revenue for the business.

GlassBiller Applications

A great way to keep track of your staff all in one place would be to utilize the GlassBiller application.  GlassBiller is a cloud based software that you are able to access from any smart device.  Glassbiller comes with access to two additional applications called Tech Side and Sale Side.


Tech side is a custom portal specifically for your auto glass technicians.  The portal allows for technicians of your shop to signup and create their own accounts.  These accounts allow technicians to access client details and view their daily schedule.  When the technician arrives to take care of the auto glass job, they will be able to sign all documents and information directly through the mobile application.


Similarly, Sale Side is the custom portal designed specifically for the sales team.  Tools within Sale Side are designed to create orders quicker, easier, and more effectively.  Your sales team is able to take orders and add notes that the rest of your teams can see.  From the start to the end of the sales process GlassBiller helps make running an auto glass shop a better experience.


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