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GlassBiller is proud to announce the release of our video guides highlighting the GlassBiller, Sale Side, and Tech Side application.  By watching these videos you should have all the tools you need to successfully integrate your auto glass repair shop with GlassBiller.  If there are any videos that are not up, and you would like, let us know! We love working with our clients so we are more than happy to create additional content for specific sections that may need more attention than others.

Currently we have 10 videos up.  These videos can be found in a variety of places.  The first place is going to be on the GlassBiller website under the videos tab.  As new videos are uploaded, they will be added to this tab to view at your pleasure.  Within pro.glassbiller, you are able to go to any posts in the “What’s New” tab that are blue.  Alternatively, you can click on your username and go to help videos. Here the videos will be broken down by the section and topic they describe.  Finally, you can find all our videos on our GlassBiller Youtube channel.

Our current videos should be enough to take a novice to an expert within an hour!  Our recommendation would be to start with the demonstration video, then watch the Sale Side and Tech Side training videos.  If someone is totally new, we would also recommend the animated promotional video. Once these have been watched, a client should know if this system is something that they are interested in.  

This is where our tutorial guide within pro.glassbiller will come in handy.  It has a plethora of videos featuring topics like QuickBooks and Warehouse integration, the scheduling tool, and tax rates.  By following these training videos you will be ensuring you are fully taking advantage of all that the GlassBiller software has to offer.

Our goal with these videos is to get closer with our clients, and provide useful information.  The purpose of our videos is to help our clients, so let us know what you think. Drop us comments and reviews, we would love to hear what you think.

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