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GlassBiller is proud to feature our very own VIN decoder within our auto glass shop software.  A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique code assigned to each vehicle when it is manufactured.  This is essential for looking up parts and locating exact makes and models. The VIN is composed of a 17-character combination of letters and numbers.  The letters Q, I, and O are excluded in order to avoid confusion when inputting the string. Each section is broken up into specific pieces of information pertaining to the vehicle’s year, country, make and model, factory of manufacture, and serial number.  The VIN database has cars from around the world in order to make maintenance and work easier. Common places the VIN number can be found within a vehicle in 4 places. 

Where to Find Your VIN

  1. Start with opening the hood of the car.  Once open, you can typically near the front engine block of most gasoline cars.
  2. Check the driver’s side interior dash.  This is the most common place to find your vehicle identification number.
  3. The front end of the frame is where you can find the VIN assist within older cars.
  4. Finally, the driver’s side door pillar within the car is the last place where you can find your VIN.

How To Use GlassBiller’s VIN Decoder

Start by entering your vehicles unique 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  We also offer VIN assist through giving the option to enter year, make, model, and style. This is for jobs where you may not yet have the customer’s VIN.  The information is from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The VIN database goes back to vehicles dating to 1981. This is due to vehicles dating before 1981 having VINs that are only 11 characters as opposed to 17.  Once you pull up your vehicle, you are able to find specific glass and extras associated with the vehicle. GlassBiller integrates with the National Auto Glass Specification (NAGS) database. Shops display vehicle auto glass information when quoting customers.

GlassBiller VIN decoder

Take the hassle out of looking up vehicles with our build in VIN decoder.  GlassBiller bundles this feature allowing for easy searching on our cloud based software.  Our live support team is here to help in the case of needing assistance looking at the VIN database.

VIN Break Down

Example VIN: 5YJSA1DG9DFP14705

5 – Country of manufacture

Y – Vehicle manufacturer

J – Vehicle type or division

SA1DG – Vehicle brand, body style, engine size and type, model, and series

9 – Security check digit

D – Model year

F – Assembly plant

P14705 – Vehicle production number (Serial number)

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