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Why GlassBiller?

Save time with full-service billing solutions

GlassBiller was created by former glass shop owners—not a big software corporation—seeking innovation and improvement for their own business. As a result, GlassBiller uses the latest technology to deliver the features necessary in today’s auto glass shop.

Increase profitability and save time with GlassBiller, the first full-service glass billing software product to come online in more than a decade.

Three Reasons to Use GlassBiller Today

1. Access GlassBiller anywhere, anytime.

Desktop billing software is clunky, slow and out-of-date. GlassBiller offers business owners unparalleled accessibility with its Internet-accessible software that requires no installation or updates. Log in using any gadget at any time—no need to be at your desk at the office. It’s fast, secure and provides you the flexibility you need.

2. GlassBiller’s intuitive software is easy to learn and use.

Most billing programs are confusing, convoluted and impractical. That’s why we made GlassBiller. Our straightforward setup and focus on simplicity makes employee training a breeze. And the software shines in creating new jobs. Enter all of your data in one single screen—no searching through endless tabs or confusing layouts. With GlassBiller, you’ll earn better results in half the time.

3. Streamline data and reduce paper clutter with GlassBiller.

The last thing your office needs is more paper. GlassBiller’s document management module stores signed work orders, insurance dispatches, POPs and more. With GlassBiller’s seamless integration, glass shops can send faxes and EDI invoices with a click of the mouse—cutting paper waste instantly. And say goodbye to double data entry; GlassBiller automatically exports your crucial data to QuickBooks.

Whether you’re a start-up shop or an established auto glass business, <contact us> for more information today.

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