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Auto Glass Shops can range the full spectrum of sizes.  From a solo endeavor to a multi-shop enterprise, there are some essentials that stay the same.  This is the business structure of a business covering the owner, technician, and sales people. Similarly, there are key customer service representatives and software that should be integrated in order to run the most effective auto glass shop.  Today we are going to take a look at how all parts of the auto glass shop can benefit from utilizing a point of sale software.


The keystone of any auto glass shop is going to be its owner.  For small auto glass shops, the owner is often also the technician and sales person.  As your shop grows, delegation will be key in order to be a successful owner. This means putting systems in place that structure work and jobs and efficiently and effectively as possible.  A great recommendation is to use GlassBiller which is a point of sale software dedicated specifically to auto glass shops! The software allows for easy tracking and invoicing to insurance company so you can spend more time running your business.


Technicians are going to be the backbone of your auto glass shop.  Without technicians, you have no one to do the work and install the auto glass.  It is important to keep track and set schedules to keep order through the days. Laying out jobs should be easy and can be when you have your technicians use TechSide Mobile.  This is an additional application that is used for technicians to complete jobs. There are the options to collect pictures, signatures, and even payment.  

tech side mobile app

Once the job is complete, TechSide Mobile integrates with GlassBiller making the final billing process a breeze for cash jobs and insurance ones.  The GlassBiller software has a scheduling feature that allows you to see what jobs your technicians have completed, and how many more they still have.  As an owner, this transparency is key to providing quality work and customer service.

Sales People

The final piece to the auto glass shop puzzle is going to be your sales team.  Ideally, you would love to have your door overflowing with business. More often than not, this is not the case so you need a sales team to help supplement your shops income.  These individuals funnel jobs into a desktop and mobile application that is called SaleSide Mobile. SaleSide Mobile is used for sales teams to input all their job information to be put into GlassBiller.  This allows for the creation of jobs before all the details may be ironed out. Every sales person would get their own unique login that would link them to your sales. This makes tracking commissions easier than ever!

sales side mobile app

Through the integration of a point of sale software, any auto glass shop is instantly able to elevate itself.  Not only does this help the shop, this helps all its customers. Having a more organized system means less mistakes, and more time making sure your operation can be a success!

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