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Building Your Team


You have your auto glass shop up and running.  The tech team has been getting rave reviews, now it is time to step up your game.  In order to start rapidly growing your company you are going to need a productive sales team.  The hiring and managing process can be stressful to starting businesses. Teams will want to attract “growing” individuals who are looking to build their skills and their company.  GlassBiller is here to give you some of our top tips to growing a successful sales team for your auto glass shop.


The first step is going to be determining what type of sales team you need.  For smaller shops you may want people with more experience who are able to be self managed.  This allows these more seasoned individuals to utilize their sales background and help your auto glass shop shine.  Oppositely, there is the open to hire people who may not have the background, but are eager to learn and dive into business.  If you are able to give these individuals attention then they can often grow into strong sales people.  


A combination of both these types of individuals should be what you should strive for.  You want a diverse team who is able to fill in each others weakness. This creates the strongest sales team who is able to close the most deals with the largest variety of clients.

Great Environment


Make sure the sales team has energy and is excited about your opportunity.  No one wants to talk to someone who sounds tired or not energetic. This is the quickest way to end calls and see no success.  Have your sales team be excited about what you’re offering and knowledgeable. If your sellers cannot answer questions that come at them about the auto glass industry they will come off as fraudulent and ill informed.


Set proper expectations for your sales team.  At the end of the day, no matter how good of people you may have, if there is not structure you can start bleeding money.  Sales teams are only as successful as the numbers they put up. Taking action and making sure your teams are productive and not just active is a great way to stay up to date with your teams.  Have weekly meetings and inspire friendly competition. This is sure to heat up the sales floor and motivate your team to hustle to close more deals.

Team Spirit

Give great feedback to your team.  Your sales team can’t read your mind, if there are problems, you need to express them and open them up to the team.  Constructive criticism is how teams become stronger. Make sure you offer solutions so it does not simply feel like you are tearing your team down.  Presenting the lack of results to your team and asking them for feedback is a great way of getting an opinion from your team. By combining forces this is how you create effective strategies and learn from potentially weaker ones.


Create competitions and hefty, but achievable, goals.  Competition on the sales floor is what gets people hyped up and motivated.  This translates to great conversations and more closes over the phone. When there is an incentive as well, you can feel the excitement emanating from the room.  This the the electricity and excitement that any sales floor should aim for.


To tie your sales team together you need to have a great auto glass management software.  GlassBiller is the perfect tool with TechSide and SaleSide.  These are 2 custom applications that will allow you to bill clients easier, and keep track of all your information.  Say goodbye to paperwork with GlassBiller that will allow your sales team to thrive and help grow your auto glass shop.

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