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The Auto Glass Industry has a plethora of tools that help people within it complete their jobs.  Whether it is handheld tools, or new electronics, tools are key to success. Similarly, online there are a number of resources that can be used to gather data about auto glass.  The focus of this article will be on the National Auto Glass Specifications database or NAGS.


The NAGS database is one of the primary features of GlassBiller.  Utilization of this database allows for ease glass part lookups and quotes.  GlassBiller utilizes the NAGS database to allow for easier vehicle lookup and part matching.  We offer a unique vehicle lookup option that will layout all the parts you might need as seen below:

vehicle lookup on glassbiller

Our dashboard allows for easy accessibility and lookup of any car.  If you know the VIN number, GlassBiller is able to decode it and give you the parts associated with that specific VIN.  Just writing down a quote? No worries! We allow for the year, make, and model to be entered. This allows for a broader lookup to be done if you do not yet have a VIN.  

part list on glassbiller

Now that you have looked up the vehicle, it is time to dive deeper into the database.  As you can see in the picture above, there is quite a bit of data that is pulled when your car parts are pulled up.  With GlassBiller, you are able to link your different glass distributors directly to your system. This allows their prices to be pulled up along with the inventory and list prices from the given shops.  Many auto glass shps have voiced that they are in need of OEM numbers when choosing their glass. Our system offers the OEM numbers below glass so your team can make sure you are utilizing the right glass for the right job.


Dive into GlassBiller and find out why auto glass shops around the US is making the switch to GlassBiller today for their point of sale software.

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