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Bogged down in paper

Auto repair shops can be bogged down by the hundreds of documents they constantly have to sign and submit.  Leave your days of being buried in paperwork behind with GlassBiller’s integrated paperless system.  GlassBiller is an entirely cloud based software that can be accessed by any smart device.  

mountain of paper

GlassBiller comes with access to electronic signage, document attachment, and a fully organized database to store your client information.  Not only does this assist in organization, it removes clutter and the headache of losing documents is a sea of white. We designed GlassBiller specifically to be paperless so every form and option has been integrated into our system for our users ease of access.


Keeping your documents straight so you can have your paperwork submitted on time is vital.  A disorganized shop can lead to losing income on time spent cleaning and trying to find documents.  GlassBiller allows you to print all documents, but encourages you to keep your business electronic so you can take advantage of our organized system.  Paper costs money and having an ineffective system that takes away your valuable time can be even more detrimental to any successful auto glass shop.

Integrated systems

GlassBiller offers platforms for both the sales and technician side of the auto glass business.  The sales team has “SalesSide” while the technicians have “TechSide”.  Each website is a seperate platform where your employees can manage their jobs and paperwork through these portals.  This allows them to have customers e-sign their documents and have them submitted instantly.  

sales side mobile app tech side mobile app

Both your staff and your clients are sure to love this easy new way to get the job done quicker.  The form that your staff submits has room for pictures to be placed. These can be before or after pictures as well as pictures of any vehicle information that you may require be taken for various jobs.


Digital databases are the future and are what most industries are constantly moving towards.  Within the auto industry there is a sense of stability with old systems and practices still in place like faxing.  Propel yourself into the new millennium with the most effective auto glass repair management software on the market.  We allow you to order your clients any way you desire with several categories already made. This allows you to personalize how you organize your jobs and information.

Next Steps

Take the next step with your auto glass shop today and get in touch with GlassBiller.  We offer free demonstrations so we can show you why so many auto glass shops have already integrated GlassBiller.  If that isn’t enough to get you interested, we will even throw in the first month of our software free. This is because we want to make sure our software works with your business.  We aren’t successful unless our clients are, get in touch with us today!

To get started today and signup on your own head over to our signup website.  Otherwise don’t hesitate to get in contact through our form so we can give you a call and show you how to maximize GlassBiller for your business.  To speak to a representative today you can call 480-907-5532.

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