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GlassBiller showcases Real Time Reviews & Real Time Social.  

I have been using Real Time Reviews and now I use Real Time Social for my auto glass business.  I cannot begin to express how happy we are to use these services, in less than a year we now have over 160 Google reviews and as a result we get a ton of new business from happy customer reviews. With Real Time Social I don’t have to worry about running my social media posts anymore, it literally took my less than 10 minutes to set it up and we get up to, two posts every day. The ads are already designed for us, and they look awesome, my customers call in and tell us how much they love our FaceBook posts. At $179 a month this is hands down our best marketing program literally bringing us new customers every single day!


– Flagstaff, AZ


What is Real Time Reviews?  Industry’s Best Google & Facebook Customer Review Platform

Real Time Reviews utilizes an app for out in the field or dashboard from within your office to send out review requests.


First the App: – Great for mobile repairs too!

  • Employee Tagging – See who is getting the most reviews.
  • Review Tracking – See who left you a review
  • Respond to all reviews inside our dashboard without having to log into Google or FaceBook
  • Works with Multiple Locations!


Building your digital presence for your business is going to be one of the most important factors to attracting new clients.  Clients do business by doing their research. With the internet, it is now easier than ever to do research about businesses. This means if your business does not have information or reviews, potential clients will pass your business up for someone with additional posts and information.

  • 100% Tracks ALL Reviews


  • Reply Directly From the Dashboard!


  • Track Employee’s Review Capture Performance


  • Our System Automatically Notifies When a Customer Leaves a Review


  • Capture Negative Reviews and Respond to Customers In Real Time!


  • Text or Email Customers Directly


Industry first, Real Time Social 

RTS, is the Industries fastest growing social media publishing platform with professionally designed, written and categorized posts already built for you to keep your brand up to date every single day. 


We have 100’s of professionally designed posts specifically for the Auto Glass Industry.  We add posts daily and establish top performing posts based on global data!  Relevant posts are customized to your company, asking your audience to contact you based on your contact information and company name.  You can also upload and add your own posts into the library for future use as well. This is a great way to connect with your local audience of potential customers!  


RTS schedules posts across FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram up to two posts per day for 30 days.  You can literally set it up in less than 5 minutes and not have to do anything else just watch your Social  Media Brand shine! Social Media is now easy, simple and costs pennies per day! 


100’s of Auto Glass Posts to Choose From!!

What makes RTR & RTS so special? It’s the first of its kind, stop wasting time and energy worrying about what to post.  It’s already been done for you with Real Time Social! We offer amazing service and we are available for support 24/7. Let us help build your social media empire!


Why Should You Care?


Digital marketing is the wave of the future.  There are many factors that go into building your digital audience that impact search results.  One of the top reasons is natural posts on social media platforms. This grows your organic reach and show your clients that you are an active, tech-savvy company that wants to engage!


Exclusive GlassBiller offer: Get Both Services Bundled Together for only 

$179 a month

No Contracts! No Hidden Set Up Fees | Free Unlimited Training and 24/7 Support


Individually: Real Time Reviews $149

Real Time Social $149


Bundled together saves you $119 every month!


Call Matt Benton for more details at 800-497-4609 or email at [email protected]

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