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Being Found Online

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Nowadays it is not enough to simply have the best service in town.  That is the first step however, providing excellent service to your clients.  But why are newer auto shops generating more business than you? They are utilizing the internet and finding all the newest channels to advertise their service.  


When people are searching for services, they are searching in their area to find that service.  If you do a Google search of “auto glass shop in my area” what number are you in the results? It may not surprise you that there is quite a lot that goes into search ranking.  


The largest factor being if you have a website or not.  Having a website allows you to put out information about your business from your business.  Without a website, it is harder for people to get in touch and learn about your company.


Local Search

If you have a website, that’s great!  Now you want to make sure that all the top online business directories know about you.  There are online services that can provide this or you can manually input your shop information.  Some of the top local business directories include the Google Local Search and Yelp.  

When you search for a company on Google and find their location with information and pictures, that is a listing on Google.  These are locations where you can give you customers details from shop hours, specialties, and range of service.


Marketing is a critical part of being found no matter what industry you are in.  When most of your potential client come from local search opportunities, these few tips are now essentials.  Interacting with your clients and responding to potential opportunities is also. Setting up social media accounts for your business is going to be a great way to stay active.  Social media pages are also more backlinks, and ways for people to find you when searching for auto glass repair shops in their area.  


Post pictures of the jobs you do and encourage customers to write reviews and give you ratings.  This will help you see how you can improve your business. Additionally, reviews are one of the top ways people decide on what service they are going to use.  Odds are that people are going to go with a business that has more reviews and information than not.


How To Manage Leads


Finally, once you start getting traffic to your different web pages, how do you manage it?


Our recommendation is to designate someone to check the various inboxes and emails.  Have notifications linked to a few different people so you are sure to not let any deals slip through the cracks.  Often times when people email or write a form in, they still will want a speedy response. Slow response times can kill your sales and have people stop writing into you.  


Try to feature your phone number as prominent as possible so people can call in.  This way you can properly evaluate each lead when they come in directly. To properly manage your invoices and auto shop once you are all setup, be sure to use GlassBiller to run your auto glass shop as effectively as possible.  If you feel like getting extra fancy and creating video content, we would love to see it!  For now we will leave you with our promotional video that is on Youtube.  Enjoy!

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