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What Is Point Of Sale Software?

What is the software?   Operating a business requires many different facets in order for you to be successful.  Everything from proper funding to a well organized business plans. One of the most essential pieces is going to be the point of sale software or POS.  This is going to be the software where your […]

Setting Up Your Own Auto Glass Shop In 8 Steps

New Auto Glass Business Starting a new business in any field can be a pretty tall feat.  Setting up your own glass shop comes with its owns challenges and unique struggles.  Without researching and looking into the industry someone would be dooming themselves to failure before they had the chance for success.  GlassBiller is composed […]

Paperless Auto Shops

Bogged down in paper Auto repair shops can be bogged down by the hundreds of documents they constantly have to sign and submit.  Leave your days of being buried in paperwork behind with GlassBiller’s integrated paperless system.  GlassBiller is an entirely cloud based software that can be accessed by any smart device.   GlassBiller comes with […]

Auto Glass Software and the Cloud: What to Look For

2015 showcased the move to cloud computing for many auto glass software companies. Some, like ours, began in the cloud – with the desire to give clients a point of access they could log into anywhere, anytime, as well as the consistent reassurance that data would always be backed up and accessible from any point. […]

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