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Review Raffle

Here at GlassBiller we take pride in both our work and our service.  For that reason, we want to hear directly from you, our client! For the next month we will be having a raffle for a month of free GlassBiller (a $129 value). The rules to enter are simple, you must be a current […]

GlassBiller Training Videos

GlassBiller is proud to announce the release of our video guides highlighting the GlassBiller, Sale Side, and Tech Side application.  By watching these videos you should have all the tools you need to successfully integrate your auto glass repair shop with GlassBiller.  If there are any videos that are not up, and you would like, […]

Weather and Auto Glass

No matter where you are in the United States, you’ve got weather.  Now this weather can vary heavily depending on where you are geographically.  While, as a person, we can be sensitive to changes in temperatures, so can our auto glass!  It is important to keep an eye on your glass now that it is […]

NAGS Database Integration

The Auto Glass Industry has a plethora of tools that help people within it complete their jobs.  Whether it is handheld tools, or new electronics, tools are key to success. Similarly, online there are a number of resources that can be used to gather data about auto glass.  The focus of this article will be […]

Real Time Review & Real Time Social

GlassBiller showcases Real Time Reviews & Real Time Social.   I have been using Real Time Reviews and now I use Real Time Social for my auto glass business.  I cannot begin to express how happy we are to use these services, in less than a year we now have over 160 Google reviews and […]

Cloud Based Software

Here at GlassBiller, one of the features that we are most proud of is that we are a cloud based software.  Now you might hear this term a lot, but what does it mean? What is Cloud Based? Cloud based software is software that can be accessed over the internet, and does not need anything […]

What Is Point Of Sale Software?

What is the software?   Operating a business requires many different facets in order for you to be successful.  Everything from proper funding to a well organized business plans. One of the most essential pieces is going to be the point of sale software or POS.  This is going to be the software where your […]

TECH TUESDAY 8-20-2019 #008

Tech Tuesday 8-20-2019 #008 As mentioned last week, we have a newly redesigned invoice available. We have now implemented the new invoice into the techSIDE application. If the shop default is set to the new ‘Redesign’ style, customer emails, “tsign”‘s generated when sending the job and the download pdf button will all use the new […]

Delegating In Auto Glass

Key Roles In order to run a successful auto shop you need all parts of your shop working together.  Making sure that your systems are running smoothly is the first key to success.  Once you have your system in place, it is time to delegate tasks and create a workflow.   This will create a […]

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