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This week we have a few updates to tell you about:

The scheduler got a few adjustments.  The most notable is the addition of a new ‘view’. The new Day view will breakup your scheduler by day. Each column representing a day an showing a full week on the screen at a time (when using on a desktop). Each column is grouped by your technicians so you can clearly and easily see your schedule for the next week and how your jobs are distributed to your techs.
We also made an adjustment to the look of the nags information pane. We tightened up any parts listed to allow our shops to see more parts on the screen at one time. This will minimize scrolling through sections as much when looking at related parts and comparing main glass parts.
For those of you using our auto add parts functionality you will see some changes making it more robust. You can now see and change auto add parts right in the nags results rather than having to view the “more details” dialog. We will continue to make a few changes over the coming days ensuring that there is no crossover for parts with the same name but different brands.
Also included are a few other bug fixes and optimizations.
~GlassBiller Development Team

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