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This week we have quite a few changes and new features added to GlassBiller.

First, we added the ability to set default sales taxes for commercial accounts. If you select a commercial account for a job with default taxes attached.  They will overwrite your normal job default taxes.
Second, clients have asked for the ability to attach commissions to CSRs. You can now edit current CSRs to set default commissions for each of them.  Alternatively, you can add a commission to the CSR on the fly on a job by job basis.
As most of you have noticed the GlassBiller certified upload overlay/watermark went live in the days after last week’s Tech Tuesday newsletter. Just a reminder, to get the best data from the uploads, the technician should have location tags turned on on their mobile device. When shutting down the ability to add TSMPIC documents in GlassBiller, we realize that some shops were using this to add pictures through GlassBiller so that the Technician could see them through TechSIDE. To facilitate this, you can upload a picture with a type “PIC” and that will be visible to the technicians. The Technician can see these ‘PIC’s for reference in a section labeled ‘Shop Pictures/Documents’ directly above the normal image section on the TechSIDE job.
For those shops that leverage the AR/AP tab in GlassBiller, we did some optimizations this past week that should have seen data load time dramatically decrease. It can now be loaded in even the largest of shops in a few seconds rather than minutes.
Last, we have a few other small optimizations and changes to increase productivity and organization including adjustment to the email subject line default to include job status, job number, customer name and referral number (if included in the job), new lynx and sgc default address buttons in the insurance/fleet dialog to help reduce having to add manually, and a few new warehouse types in the scheduler map (including IGC, Service Auto Glass and other locations).
FUTURE TECH:  We are adding a few new views to the scheduler, one is the day view, check out the screen shot.  Soon we will have a glass order view, where you can mark and see what parts are ordered and what warehouse or dealership they are ordered from.  This will all be on TechSIDE as well.  To go along with that, your tech will have to confirm on TechSIDE when they have picked up the parts!
~GlassBiller development team
Commercial Account default tax selector

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