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Tech Tuesday 08-13-2019 #007
For this weeks ‘Tech Tuesday’ we have a few exciting announcements.

Some of you may have noticed a new Invoice type available on the job screen. The new type is available in the ‘PDF’ and ‘PRINT’ buttons when on the job. We are working on getting it built into all areas including the signed work orders and the ‘TSIGN’ documents, but we wanted to give everyone a bit of a preview you can start using for the less official version of the signed work order. We should begin rolling it out as an option for the other document types this week (also keep on the lookout for some new features with signature captures that we are building into this new invoice style).
Also, a big change in the nags search pane was added this week. If you have your shop configured with the various glass vendors, you will notice a new addition to the vendor tags. Beyond the price and cash quote price listed it will show your default warehouses current availability for the part. This is another big step forward in making GlassBiller as organized and streamlined as possible to keep you spending less time clicking through screens to find the information you need and more time with your customers.
We also have a few big features we are very excited about that we will be rolling out soon that have been in beta, but are now ready for release.
~ The GlassBiller Development Team

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