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TECH TUESDAY 10-15-2019 #015
This past week we have been working on a couple new features coming to GlassBiller. We are getting very close to announcing some of them and will give you more information when we are a bit closer to release. We did, however, pull in the first step to one of these new features last week. Some may have noticed when you hover over the ‘New Job’ button you have a new option. Previously you only have ‘Open in new tab’, now you have a second option, ‘Create Credit Memo’.
Credit memos can be created through this new option. A credit memo has no secondary status (ie work order, invoice, completed) and can only be voided. These credit memos will show up in the Statement report in the credit column. For those of our shops looking to have more accounting features built into GlassBiller, this is the first step of many to come, to help with the accounting side of your business.
GlassBiller Referral Program
Here at GlassBiller we want to start rewarding our clients.  We are excited to introduce our brand new referral program.  Going forward, clients who refer GlassBiller and have their referrals stay past the trial period will be given one month of GlassBiller free!  This offer counts towards $129 off your next bill.
We are looking to rapidly expand and reach auto glass shops around the US.  The only way we can achieve this goal is with help from great auto glass shops like you.  To participate have your referrals mention your name in their contact form or during signup.  All referrals must stay past the trial period in order for your shop to receive the bonus.
We are looking forward to growing GlassBiller along with your auto glass shop!  Please contact [email protected] if you have any other questions regarding the referral program.
Stay tuned as we start unveiling more in regards to these new exciting features.  

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