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This week we are coming in with a few minor updates, with a big change on the horizon!  You may have noticed that there is a small sms button now on GlassBiller.  This is where the texting feature is going to be implemented.  We are currently going through the final stages of testing and should have this feature available soon!

There is going to be a tiered pricing system for the texting feature.  This feature will allow you to seamlessly communicate to both clients and your own staff all without leaving the GlassBiller application.  Our goal is to help make the experience of everyone within your auto glass shop smooth and easy.

Be on the lookout for the full release of the texting feature.  Keep your eyes peeled for an email update when the feature is pushed within the coming weeks.

We are continuing to create video demonstrations of various parts of the website.  If there are any parts of the GlassBiller application you would like to have a video made on, respond to this email to get in contact with us directly.  

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