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This week we have been hard at work on the new SMS feature mentioned in previous Tech Tuesdays. The button for this feature showed up for our shops last week and we have been getting it ready for general use. In its initial release it will be a complete communication tool for your shop, without having to leave the GlassBiller application. Communicate seamlessly with your customer base, technicians, sales reps, employees and more.
Another feature that we have been building behind the scenes we pulled into the application last week. It is still in it’s beta phase and is only the first step to a much larger feature that will allow your shop to go as in depth as you want, from purchase order tracking to a full accounting package without ever leaving GlassBiller.

Make sure to checkout our newly added training/help videos. New ones are being added every week.  If there are any suggestions of videos you would like please reach out and let us know.

Our new support feature has been a great success within GlassBiller.  We are happy to see how many people are using it.  We strive to answer questions as soon as possible, with great customer support.  When submitting questions, if you can include job numbers, specific users,and details, it helps us resolve the issue quicker.

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