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This week we have a few new optimizations and features that we are very excited about. The nags search section has been highly optimized to leverage some of the newest technology available.  This will drastically increase performance for nags searches.

We have also added a method for you to chat with support or to enter a support ticket. You will notice above the ‘Rejected’ Inbox, there is a new support button. If the light is on and green, there is a support representative available to chat. You can start a chat by simply clicking the support button and entering your name and email in the popup window. If the light is off and red, you can still submit a support ticket that will be handled by a support representative as soon as possible.

You will also start to see new training/tutorial videos being added to GlassBiller to help with  additional training and best practices for GlassBiller, TechSide and SaleSide software applications. These training videos will appear in the “What’s New” section of the dashboard, but they can also be found by clicking the blue button in the navigation bar with your username and selecting ‘help videos’ from the drop-down. Through this page, you can revisit these videos anytime you would like. All of our videos are posted on YouTube as well. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see them as soon as we add them by clicking on the button at the bottom of the email.

***If you would like videos on how to do certain processes in GlassBiller, shoot us a message or respond to this email and we’ll try to get that done as quickly as possible.  This may be very handy for manager staff training!

Last addition this week is one that we have had quite a bit of requests for. You can now set insurance fleet OEM discount pricing. To set the discount either go to the manage tab->insurancefleets or select the insurance fleet on the job and click the ‘edit’ button. You will see an input field for OEM discount. Now, when this insurance fleet is attached to a job and you add an OEM part the OEM discount will be applied as opposed to the regular discount.

Oh, and one more thing…  If you haven’t switched over to the GlassBiller Pro version please do so.  If you would like help or training please give us a call or shoot us an email.  You can switch to the new by simply logging in with your same username and password at!

Feature Tech…  Warranties!You may or may not have seen the warranty function in GlassBiller.  If you have a job that requires followup warranty work to be completed, simply open the job in GlassBiller >> click on the “More” Button >> then click on “Warranty.”  This will create a new job with the type of ‘Warranty.’  Warranties are treated like work orders, in the fact that they will show up on the scheduler and on techside.  Once a warranty is complete, you can simply save the job as “Warranty Complete”.  We hope this is a more stream-lined way to handle warranties, if you would like more training please call and we’ll be happy to show you more!

~The GlassBiller Develpment Team

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