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TECH TUESDAY 11-5-2019 #019

This past week we have been working on a few new updates we are excited about. The first being the tax search feature. Our Colorado shops have been using this feature for a little while, due to the complexity of the Colorado tax rules. The provider of the tax data has increased their database to include additional state tax rules/percentages. We have been working with them to get our customers the best sales tax data we can in more states and this feature went live this week. You will need to either contact GlassBiller support or generate a ticket to have this feature turned on. Some things to be aware of when using the new tax search feature: It is most helpful when your tax rates are determined by the location of the job, It is not available for Arizona shops.

New Feature #1 – Purchase Orders!

There is a new module within your “Warehouse” tab in GlassBiller.   Now you can see in one place a list of all your parts for every job for any particular day.  From the glass order screen you can see what parts are ordered, which are still not ordered, and create and record orders from this screen.  

Of course, do not forget to attach your receipt or POP for your orders, that should help with your organization. 

Now you are able to see in one glance that all parts for a particular day have been ordered and where they were ordered from.  Also, you can view your entire order history plus search and filter through all of your POs and vendors.  Another key feature of the PO system is that you can view and create POs from each job screen as well.  So you can see if parts were ordered and where they were ordered to, without even having to go to the glass order screen.  And, of course, GlassBiller logs and records who placed the order and when.

We have already been asked many times…  “Will the techs be able to see where the glass is ordered on techSIDE?”  The short answer is ‘yes’, but that update is still in progress and will be live soon.  Soon you will have the ability to force the technicians to “Confirm” that they have picked up the parts.  Hopefully this will help streamline some of you part ordering.  

We will be putting out a video shortly that will help explain and train how to use purchase orders properly.

New Feature #2 – Texting!  

Some of you may have noticed that there is an new icon on the top left of the screen – “SMS”

Now you can send and receive text messages from customers, technicians, sales reps, and anybody else you’d like right from GlassBiller.  You can search your database to find customers and others and link the text message thread to that customer, tech, or sales rep.  You can also have multiple numbers.  You may want one number that you send scheduling messages from, while you may want a different number that you text customers review links to your business, etc. 

Texting is a feature that will need to be turned on so if you would like to use this feature please contact support at and mention you want to try the texting feature.

Coming in the future we will be releasing a feature called “Broadcast” where you’ll be able to reach thousands of customers at a time via text with one click.  Stay tuned for that.  

There is one feature we need your help with.  We want to create an ability for you to create auto-send messages for schedule reminders, BUT…  we want to hear from you on how you would like that to work.  We are willing to listen to your suggestions!!!


A helpful feature that we wanted everyone to be aware of is “User Permissions”.  You can click on the “Admin” tab, then click on “Users” to see a list of all your users.  Once you click on “details/edit” it will open the user and at the bottom you can see the permissions settings.  Note that you will need to have an admin or manager status in order to access this tab.

If you ever find yourself short on permissions – check, or have your admin check the permission setup and adjust accordingly.


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