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Before we dive into this week’s Tech!  We wanted to reach out to everyone and invite you to answer one simple question.  If you were able to choose one major feature that you wanted us to work on what would it be?  Of course, we always have a full docket of new features on the horizon, but we’d like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.  


As many of you have seen we have a brand new texting feature.  This has been well received and tremendously beneficial.  This makes it extremely easy for you to communicate with all of your customers, technicians, sales reps, and anybody else all from one place without having to use your cell phone.  Also, all communications are stored and saved so you can always go back and check prior communication.  Remember, customers prefer texting over phone calls.  

Pricing (starting 01/01/2020)

  1. $49 – 1 Phone number, 1,000 text messages
  2. $99 – 3 Phone numbers, 2,500 text messages
  3. $199 – 5 Phone numbers, 5,000 text messages
  4. $399 – 10 Phone numbers, 10,000 text messages
  5. Custom Budget


Every text message that is over you plans limit will be charged an additional $0.05 per message.  

If you are interested in adding an extra phone line to any of the plans it will be an extra $7 per line.


To go along with the texting, we are adding a special Text Confirmation feature.  In one click you can send text confirmations to everyone at once on the schedule, and when they click the button in the text message to confirm, the job will be automatically updated as “Schedule Confirmed.”  This should save you a ton of time confirming jobs, as well as stop unnecessary or unproductive stops by your technicians.


As seen prior, you can now create POs in GlassBiller and track all parts and order histories (per part and per job), but coming very soon, you will be able to track who and when parts are received.  You can track which technician has picked up parts, whether from your office location or whether they picked them up will-call.  This is all built into TechSIDE, so if you want you can require that your technicians “Confirm” they’ve picked up parts before TechSIDE will allow them to continue doing a job.  Also included in the part tracking is exact times and locations that parts were picked up.  You will know the: who, what, when, and where for every purchased part.  This will be an extremely powerful tool and hopefully reduce your parts costs in the long run.


Some of the new features and updates you have been seeing are one step in the process of a larger plan.  We now are well on our way to having a fully functions accounting software.  We have implemented features such as “Bills”, “Expenses”, “Chart of Accounts”, “General Journal Entrys”, “Bank Feeds” etc. etc.  Having your business operation managed in the same exact place that your accounting management happens is the future.  In the middle of next year we will roll out our brand new accounting platform.  This should be exciting for all who spend extra time double entering data.  Your books will be done faster, with less work, and with less errors.  You will be able to focus on increasing sales, not bookkeepers!  Oh yea, included with your accounting package…   Free full-suite real-time inventory tracking!  Stay tuned.

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