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Hi All,

I hope everyone had a nice long patriotic weekend.  Fly those flags high.  But…  like always, the party has to end and the work has to start again, so here we are!
We also had some time off for the holidays so not as many updates as normal, but I will highlight a few new things.  Most updates are just done on the new application.  You can use it at  Reminder…   October 1st will be the deactivation for the old GlassBiller version.
* We’ve updated the order of parts on all PDF versions of jobs (quotes, work orders, invoices).  They will be listed exactly as you have them listed on the job screen in GlassBiller.
* Small bug fixes and updates!
* We’ve released the new version of TechSIDE into the app store for Android (Apple coming soon!).  PLEASE NOTE: although this is live, we are still beta testing.  You may use it if you like, if there are any issue please let us know.  We’ll keep fine tuning.
** Apple TechSIDE app in the Apple App Store
** Automatic Quickbooks exporting is nearly complete and will likely be released THIS WEEK!
** Brand new PDF Quote – Work Order – Invoice template, with personalized logo and fast downloads.  Should Be coming this week!
I will try to highlight some application features which you may not already know about!  This week I will highlight Warranties.
To create a warranty just open the job that you need to create a warranty for and click ‘More’  >> ‘Warranty’.  This will create a new job with the type of “Warranty.”  Warranties are treated like work orders.  So they will show up on the Scheduler and on Techside for you technician.
A few more notes on warranties:
*** A warranty job will reference the original job that it is a warranty for, and the original job will reference any warranties that have come from that job.
***When a warranty is created it pulls all the customer, vehicle, and part info over, however it will zero out all the prices since of course you are not charging your customer anything.  It will also automatically assign the warranty to the original technician who did the install BUT will zero out commissions.  Of course you can make any changes to the warranty
***Once you finish a warranty, you just save as “Completed Warranty” and that’s it!!

As always, if you have questions or would like more training please call us (480) 907-5532

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