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Tech Tuesday

In an effort to have better outreach and communication we will be delivering a weekly “Tech Tuesday” newsletter.  The purpose of this news letter is let you, the user, know what has been updated and added to the GlassBiller application, as well as what is planned to be released in the near future.
All updates are done to the new system coming out soon.  As some of you know we have a new version.  You can access the new version at  I encourage you to use the new version.  You may freely use the new or old version but please note that on October 1st the old version will be deactivated.  Some have expressed anxiety about this, but rest assured – the redesigned GlassBiller Pro version will better serve your needs.  That doesn’t mean there will not be a learning curve because there will be, but as you progress into the new system you will find more and more features that will help your business.
Also, we have been working hard to put into place a better system of support.  At times we have been overwhelmed, but we will be better!  I’ll give you more updates as they come!


* New addition to the audit log letting you know when any install notes are added or changed in GlassBiller, it will log who made the changes and when.
Screenshot of adding install notes
* Added the credit card processing to the new Pro version of GlassBiller
* We’ve combined the model and sub-model drop-downs in the vehicle selector, this will simplify selecting a vehicle.
Vehicle drop down menu screenshot on GlassBiller
* We’ve added a new permission, you can now give users “READ ONLY” permissions for jobs.  So they can access and open existing jobs, but not make any changes
"Read only" permission change screenshot on GlassBiller
* Many small updates and bug fixes.


** We will soon have ready the brand new TechSIDE app in the app store for Apple and Android.
** Automatic Quickbooks exporting is nearly complete and will likely be released next week!
** Brand new PDF Quote – Work Order – Invoice template, with personalized logo and fast downloads.
___ ___ ___
We never have a shortage of suggestions and feedback, but we do value yours, so send us any ideas you have to help us make this thing even better!
Thanks Again

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