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Tech Tuesday #003
  For this weeks Tech Tuesday:
  • We have been hearing from shops they want to ensure the pictures uploaded by Techs and Sales Reps are from the installation requested or booked. To help our shops better keep track of their jobs offsite we have been working on making the images in Saleside and Techside more secure. Today you will see the first step in this change. We have removed the tsmpic and ssmpic add options in the documents section of the job. This requires those images to be uploaded through the Saleside and Techside applications. You can be sure that those images came from the Tech or Sales Rep and not added after the fact in house. We know that sometimes you may need to add pictures through the GlassBiller application so we have added the ‘PIC’ document type to GlassBiller.
  • The second step in our effort to help secure images uploaded from TechSide and SaleSide will be live in the next few days. This will add a watermark/overlay to each image uploaded through those applications. The overlay will include some basic information from the job including, time/date of upload, user that uploaded image, which application it was uploaded from (ie TechSide or SaleSide), vehicle description and vehicle vin. We have also leveraged the image metadata to include the date/time image was taken as well as the GPS coordinates. To maximize the effectiveness of this feature ensure that your Technicians and Sales Reps have ‘Location tags’ turned on on their mobile devices.
  • We also have heard you and we have added a few additional document types to help organize GlassBiller documents. The new document types are: ‘approvals’, ‘authorizations’ and ‘recalibrations’ (also pictures as mentioned previously).

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