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TECH TUESDAY 8-06-2019 #006



This week we have a couple of new changes that will help streamline your communication with insurance payers, and your customers.

When looking at jobs in GlassBiller, you can now easily see if you have sent a job email or a fax. On the fax and email buttons you will now see a green check mark if you have sent one from the current job.
Those shops that have used the legacy version of the application might remember when sending emails or faxes, any emails or faxes from insurance/fleet payers or commercial accounts would be suggested in a drop down. We have brought this feature to the pro version of GlassBiller. When you put your cursor in the ‘fax number’ field when sending a fax, you will now see suggested fax numbers for anything attached to the job. These suggestions will be color coded so you can quickly determine which number corresponds to your insurance payer or commercial account. This same functionality will be available when sending emails as well.
We also added a new feature to the insurance/fleet section of the job. In the Insurance/fleet edit dialog you will see a new checkbox available labeled ‘display phone #’. If this is checked for the currently selected insurance “payer”, the phone number will then appear next to the the options/buttons at the top of the insurance/fleet section.
We have some very exciting changes coming in the next few weeks. Keep on the look out next Tuesday for more exciting new additions.
Feature Tech! – Live Technician Tracking
If your techs are using the new TechSIDE app they will now be able to clock in and clock out.  When clocked in you will be able to see their live location on the map inside the scheduler.  This should help give you total the best, most up to date information to allow for the best customer service.  Think add-ons!!!
We are working on the entire time clock module that will allow you to see a historical view of time on the clock, miles driven, time driven, time on a job, etc.  
We’ll keep you updated!

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