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Tech Tuesday 8-20-2019 #008

As mentioned last week, we have a newly redesigned invoice available. We have now implemented the new invoice into the techSIDE application. If the shop default is set to the new ‘Redesign’ style, customer emails, “tsign”‘s generated when sending the job and the download pdf button will all use the new style. In GlassBiller we have also implemented the new style for batch downloads in the scheduler, as well as when emailing from the job.  The nice aspect of this is that you can now add your company logo and the PDF will generate much faster!!!  We’ll come out with new version in the future!!!

A few highlights of this new style include a footer that tells who generated the pdf, when it was generated, when the job was last updated (only through the site) and who made the last update. We have also worked hard to optimize the pdf producing process and have seen much quicker generation times.  We’ll come out with new version in the future!!!

For our shops that have accounts with PGW you will now see the vendor tag come up in the nags part search pane. You will see real-time pricing and availability for your shops’ configured warehouse.

Another small, but important change to TechSIDE, we worked to make the signature capture darker and easier to read.
Shops that have been with us for awhile remember in the legacy application we had the ‘Kick Back’ functionality. This feature allows a job to be “kicked back” to the technician so they can gather missed information, upload pictures or anything else. Please remember that if you kick a job back to the technician it will require they “send” it again for it to be able to be completed in GlassBiller. To use this functionality simply hit the save button on the job when it is highlighted green (showing the technician has finished the job and hit ‘send’ in techSIDE). The following screen will then show the techSIDE options including “complete” and the new “kick back” button.

We have also added a new permission this week for parts visibility. You can set this under the admin->users tab. By default all users have been set to have this permission. If you remove a users permission for ‘part visibility’ they will no longer see anything contained in the parts list on the job screen. They will still be able to see anything in the nags search pane including adding parts to the job, but will not have the ability to see them in the parts list.
Our shops that use the AR/AP screen will be happy to see that we have big news. The initial version has been released. This page has been redesigned and optimized to allow a much more straightforward approach to handling your accounts receivables and payables.  Also, we now display the EDI status, as well as your TAGS on the AR screen, that should be very handy!

We are still hard at work building out some exciting new features for this page and in the upcoming months we will be bringing those live!

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