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Tech Tuesday 8-27-2019 #009
We had quite a few questions, and a ton of enthusiasm this past week after we brought in the PGW live pricing/availability feature last week. To activate this feature we will need to configure your shop with your PGW customer ID as well as your account with them will need to have ‘POS Connect’ activated. If you are unsure, or you are not seeing results after providing us with your customer ID, you can verify that your account is activated for the POS Connect functionality by calling them at 1-800-436-0591, Feel free to contact us for any assistance in this process and we will be happy to help as well.

The newly redesigned invoice has been added to almost all areas of GlassBiller. The last remaining way to produce/send invoices is the sending of a job fax. In the next few days you should see this last one be implemented.
Note: You can default your shop to use the ‘Redesign’ invoice in the shop configuration dialog in the admin tab in GlassBiller.
We have also been very focused this week on optimizations as well. Our main focus for these improvements is currently the scheduler and the main job page. We hope to get some of these optimizations live over the next few weeks to improve loading times and responsiveness.
~ The GlassBiller Development Team

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