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We have a few new features and updates this week in GlassBiller. First, we have been working on some optimizations of the job screen. The nags search panel was reworked to produce results faster which has also decreased load times for existing jobs. We are continuing to optimize the jobs page and you will see additional improvements in the weeks to come.

The quick search feature has been updated to be more user friendly and quick. We optimized the search to return results faster, especially searches that will return a large result set. We also added a new search, the vehicle search. If you select the vehicle search option you can search for any vehicles attached to your shop/s jobs. When searching for a vehicle you can separate your search words by a space. For example if you were looking for all your jobs that have a 2018 Ford F250 2 Door Standard Cab, you could type ‘2018 ford f250 standard’. This will return all the jobs with a vehicle that will match the search criteria. You could also type ’18 Ford’ and the results will include all your jobs with 2018 Fords attached.

We also have added a new report and some new grouping methods in the Reports tab. Just a note, if you have a need for a report you don’t see or are not getting what you need from a current report let us know and we’ll do what we can.

A few shops have been asking for the ability to produce the ‘TSIGN’ document with other types. Previously the TSIGN document would produce the ‘With Prices’ option automatically. You now have the ability to default this to another type (additionally Without Prices or Copy for Customer). This default can be managed in your Shop Details section of the Admin tab.
~The GlassBiller Development Team

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