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The past week we have really been working hard on optimizations and organization. We are continuing to work on the jobs page to speed things up.

In regards to organization, we have been continuing to work on some of the reporting features within GlassBiller.  A new ‘Aging Report’ has been added allowing you to get a printed copy of what you see on the AR/AP screen, while also having the ability to group by customers.

Also, in the reporting tab we have added a new multi-filter option for the sales reports. You now are able to filter your sales and margin reports by any one of your contractors (I.E. customer service reps, sale sources, locations, technicians and sales reps). If you only use one of these filters, you can also group this report by contractor. For example if you run the report and choose the csr group. Select all of the csrs that you would like to see on the report. Choose ‘Group by Contractor’ and when the report generates it will show a daily breakdown for each of the chosen csrs as well as grand totals for all selected.

As a note, on some of the new reports (Aging report), you may start to see a drop-down triangle next to pieces of data. When clicked additional data will show on the line beneath. When you create a pdf of generated data any currently open drop-down will be open in the pdf. This gives you additional control over data being printed or saved from the reports screen.

As many of you have asked, we have developed and entire text communication module.  you can now text your techs, sales reps, customers, and whoever else you with and keep all company text and threads organized in one place.  You will also be able to view text threads from within the job or the scheduler.  We are closing in on the official roll out…  You will see the update for that soon!
~The GlassBiller Development Team

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