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Tech Tuesday 9-03-2019 #010
This week we continued optimization efforts. Continuing to work on the scheduler. We have also been working on the performance on the job page. Over the coming weeks we should be rolling these improvements out.

The last remaining area (faxing) for the newly redesigned invoice has been completed and is now live. You can use the newly designed invoices for your faxes by setting it as your default in the shop dialog.
A couple of new features have also been added this week. You now have the ability to flag customers, both commercial and individual. You can access this flag for individual customers by clicking on the customer id. When the dialog pops up, check the “Flag Customer” checkbox. To access the commercial account flag, with the commercial account selected press the “edit” button. Once the commercial account dialog comes up you will have the “Flag Customer” checkbox again. This will then show a small red flag in the customer section of the job to alert you that, for some reason, this customer has been flagged. For organization and communication purposes you may use the notes field to communicate reasons for the flag.
Some small changes to the reports section of GlassBiller were added this week as well. Your shop selection on the reports page will now persist, so you should not have to reselect every time you go to the reports tab to generate or print reports. There are also now select all and deselect all options in the filter options (for example: Sales Taxes/Sales Reps/Technician/etc).
~The GlassBiller Development Team

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