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This week we are bringing you our usual Tech Tuesday announcement with some great added features!  We have been working hard on launching these changes to help benefit our clients.  We are excited to announce that the new NAGS data has been implemented in the system and is now available. No change is needed on your part to have access to this data. When you make any searches (whether it be for a vehicle or specific part) in GlassBiller, the new updated NAGS data will be included in the returned results.

In addition to the NAGS update, we also have added a feature where you can set a shop default for the ‘auto add adhesive’ option if you have it selected on a job. For the default, you can choose between Standard, High Modulus and Fast Cure. This can be configured by the shop managers in the ‘Shop’ option in the admin tab. Once configured, if the job has the auto add adhesive checkbox marked, when you add a part it will use the default type for the adhesive type if possible.


Special note on this feature: we have selected standard as the default for all shops to start with, which should add adhesives in a similar way it worked prior to this change.  We look forward to your continued support and utilization of GlassBiller.
~The GlassBiller Development Team

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