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Greetings from the GlassBiller development team. We have been hard at work the last few weeks getting our new authentication system finished, tested and implemented in the live system. As you all are aware due to the emails late last week, and the new login you have seen since Sunday, we did switch the system this past weekend. With any large change such as this, things can be a little rocky the first few days as shops get used to the new login system. A few things to be aware of when logging in the first time or going forward:
This new system will require an email verification the first time you login. If your email is not correct in the system feel free to either submit a support ticket or call customer support at 480-907-5532 to get that switched over. If you don’t receive the verification email, there is an option in the verification window to resend the email. Check your spam folders or any other applicable folders in your email to ensure it wasn’t automatically put in one of these folders. If you still are unable to find it, you can submit a support ticket or contact customer support and we will be happy to manually verify your email and get you back logged in and verified.
If you are having any other issues with the login or authentication please feel free to contact us and we can help you resolve them quickly.
A few notes on why this change was needed and what benefits it brings to the GlassBiller application:

  • We take security and the protection of your data very seriously here at GlassBiller. While our previous system was very effective and did not have any security issues, we want the absolute best to protect our shops. By implementing this new security system into the application we are now using an industry standard and commonly referred to as the best authentication system in the web application business.
  • This will also, as we continue to finish building some of the features we want to bring in, allow you the shop to have more control over your users and accounts. This is partially why the email being correct is so important. You will eventually be able to manage everything with your GlassBiller account. Everything from adding new users, changing billing payment methods, inactivation/reactivation of your account and many others will be available to you through the application.
  • This will also help with maintaining your login sessions longer and with more consistency, making your experience within the application more streamlined.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact customer service or submit a support ticket if you have any trouble or would like further training.

Be sure to take a look at the new videos that we have uploaded this past week.  The first is on the “Username Tab“.  This will help you explore additional options that can be used for GlassBiller.

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Feature Tech – More Texting Options!

Adding to our texting features you can now quickly text a customer from the job screen quickly by clicking the new text icon!

You can also quickly text the customer or technician from the scheduler!

Stay tuned for automatic schedule reminder texts, and our mass marketing text broadcast feature coming soon!

~The GlassBiller Development Team  

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