GlassBiller Texting Feature

GlassBiller is proud to be introducing our texting feature.  This can be used to communicate with both technicians, sales reps, clients, and anybody else you want directly within GlassBiller.  We have 4 standard plans, and have the option to create a custom plan if needed.

Now you can send and receive text messages from customers, technicians, sales reps, and anybody else you’d like right from GlassBiller.  You can search your database to find customers and others and link the text message thread to that customer, tech, or sales rep.  You can also have multiple numbers.  You may want one number that you send scheduling messages from, while you may want a different number that you text customers review links to your business, etc.

The GlassBiller texting feature will need to be turned on so if you would like to use this feature please contact support at and mention you want to try the texting feature.

Coming in the future we will be releasing a feature called “Broadcast” where you’ll be able to reach thousands of customers at a time via text with one click.

Product Pricing


  • Every text message that is over you plans limit will be charged an additional $0.05 per message.  
  • If you are interested in adding an extra phone line to any of the plans it will be an extra $7 per line.
  • No contracts.
  • Month to month service.


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