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No matter where you are in the United States, you’ve got weather.  Now this weather can vary heavily depending on where you are geographically.  While, as a person, we can be sensitive to changes in temperatures, so can our auto glass!  It is important to keep an eye on your glass now that it is starting to cool down. These temperature changes and drastic shifts can mean trouble for windshields if you are not on top of your game.  We put together some helpful tips to make sure you are maximizing your auto glass in heat and snow.


The most important thing that you can do, as a car owner, is to inspect your windshields.  This is as simple as looking over your glass and catching and small chips or cracks before they are able to grow and become a larger problem.  This is a practice you should take up regardless of the weather. The most common way that cracks turn into larger problems is by disregarding them and waiting for a small chip to turn into a huge deal.



winter landscape setting

Fall has just hit, that means that winter is right around the corner.  Drastic temperature changes can cause auto glass to expand and contract.  Too much expanding and contracting will weaken your auto glass making it more susceptible to breaks and chips.  Make sure to be vigilant with your windshields so you are never spending money on broken windshields when it could have been an easy fix.  Now there is a common question on what the best way to defrost a windshield without causing damage.


Temperature changes of any kind can drastically alter the shape and strength of your windshield.  It can be tempting to speed up the thawing process. While this may seem smart in the moment, it may lead to a weaker windshield that you have to replace at a sooner time.  Similarly, using hot water or liquid on frozen glass can cause cracks and breaks. Blow your hot air towards the ground or away from the glass. This will have the heat from the car to start thawing the windshield instead of the direct heat of your car.  The more gradual heat up the better, especially if there is a massive difference in temperature between the inside and outside of your car.



Summer may be frequently reviewed, but there are many factors that can affect windshields especially in extremely hot environments like Arizona.  The biggest factor is going to be avoiding putting your windshield in direct sunlight. This may mean finding covered parking so prevent the intense heat from warping your glass, while also preventing cracks.  The core of your windshield will typically be the coolest part because of the black frit seals that surrounds the edges.

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