GlassBiller – Auto Glass Billing Software

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What is the software?


Operating a business requires many different facets in order for you to be successful.  Everything from proper funding to a well organized business plans. One of the most essential pieces is going to be the point of sale software or POS.  This is going to be the software where your customer information is entered and processed.


Organization is an important part of any business.  Point of sale software make interacting with your customers, and gathering information easier.  These softwares can contain client lists, previous orders, and any important documents that you want saved.  Additionally, point of sale software makes going paperless easier with all digital tools. Take your organization to the next level by having a software designed specifically for your industry.


How do we utilize this?


Point Of Sale software is going to be the core of your business.  This is going to be where any owner and employee will be spending most of their time.  The best example would be our software GlassBiller. GlassBiller is a point of sale software specifically targeted at the auto glass industry.  Every time a customer makes a purchase and your sales team needs to submit an order and send it out to your service department, it will go through the POS.


If you are a company and you are currently using excel or other data management platform, you could be missing out on vital utilities.  Save your information all in one place so you can access files with the click of a button. GlassBiller is specifically made for the purpose of being easy to use.  When you have a new job all you need to do is open a new tab and all the information is on one page. Instead of having your team scroll through tabs or different systems, they can access customer data by typing in their name.


GlassBiller allows you to both import and export data to other services.  Most notably would be QuickBooks. This way we eliminate any need to double entering data when you already have it within GlassBiller.  Our software smoothly links together our two independent apps “Sale Side” and “Tech Side” Mobile. Each is designed for the sales team and technician team.  Integrated tools allows for your team to enter orders and schedule jobs with ease. Using GlassBiller’s system organization has never been easier.


Ease of use is one of the most important aspects to any point of sale software, GlassBiller included.  This is why GlassBiller is designed to be used by even the least tech savvy auto glass shop owners. Our new job page is the only page you will need when entering a job.  The page includes everything from price breakdowns to insurance companies and rates. If you would like more information and a demonstration you can submit a demo form and we will get back with you shortly.

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