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TECH TUESDAY 12-11-2019 #021

Before we dive into this week’s Tech!  We wanted to reach out to everyone and invite you to answer one simple question.  If you were able to choose one major feature that you wanted us to work on what would it be?  Of course, we always have a full docket of new features on the horizon, […]

Key Pieces of an Auto Glass Shop

Auto Glass Shops can range the full spectrum of sizes.  From a solo endeavor to a multi-shop enterprise, there are some essentials that stay the same.  This is the business structure of a business covering the owner, technician, and sales people. Similarly, there are key customer service representatives and software that should be integrated in […]

Tech Update 11-20-2019 #020

Greetings from the GlassBiller development team. We have been hard at work the last few weeks getting our new authentication system finished, tested and implemented in the live system. As you all are aware due to the emails late last week, and the new login you have seen since Sunday, we did switch the system […]

GlassBiller VIN Decoder

GlassBiller is proud to feature our very own VIN decoder within our auto glass shop software.  A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique code assigned to each vehicle when it is manufactured.  This is essential for looking up parts and locating exact makes and models. The VIN is composed of a 17-character combination of […]

When to Repair or Replace

Driving can be a treacherous task when the seasons start to change. The harsher the weather, the more damage can be done to your windshield. It is important to be able to recognize when it is time repair, or even replace your windshield. This will save you additional resources because you never want to be […]

TECH TUESDAY 11-05-2019 #019

TECH TUESDAY 11-5-2019 #019 This past week we have been working on a few new updates we are excited about. The first being the tax search feature. Our Colorado shops have been using this feature for a little while, due to the complexity of the Colorado tax rules. The provider of the tax data has increased […]

TECH TUESDAY 10-29-2019 #018

This week we have been hard at work on the new SMS feature mentioned in previous Tech Tuesdays. The button for this feature showed up for our shops last week and we have been getting it ready for general use. In its initial¬†release it will be a complete communication tool for your shop, without having […]

Review Raffle

Here at GlassBiller we take pride in both our work and our service.  For that reason, we want to hear directly from you, our client! For the next month we will be having a raffle for a month of free GlassBiller (a $129 value). The rules to enter are simple, you must be a current […]

Tech Tuesday 10-22-2019 #017

This week we are coming in with a few minor updates, with a big change on the horizon!  You may have noticed that there is a small sms button now on GlassBiller.  This is where the texting feature is going to be implemented.  We are currently going through the final stages of testing and should […]

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