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TECH TUESDAY 11-05-2019 #019

TECH TUESDAY 11-5-2019 #019 This past week we have been working on a few new updates we are excited about. The first being the tax search feature. Our Colorado shops have been using this feature for a little while, due to the complexity of the Colorado tax rules. The provider of the tax data has increased […]

Tech Tuesday 10-22-2019 #017

This week we are coming in with a few minor updates, with a big change on the horizon!  You may have noticed that there is a small sms button now on GlassBiller.  This is where the texting feature is going to be implemented.  We are currently going through the final stages of testing and should […]

TECH TUESDAY 10-8-2019 #015

This week we have a few new optimizations and features that we are very excited about. The nags search section has been highly optimized to leverage some of the newest technology available.  This will drastically increase performance for nags searches. We have also added a method for you to chat with support or to enter […]

TECH TUESDAY 9-17-2019 #012

We have a few new features and updates this week in GlassBiller. First, we have been working on some optimizations of the job screen. The nags search panel was reworked to produce results faster which has also decreased load times for existing jobs. We are continuing to optimize the jobs page and you will see […]

TECH TUESDAY 9-10-2019 #011

This week we are bringing you our usual Tech Tuesday announcement with some great added features!  We have been working hard on launching these changes to help benefit our clients.  We are excited to announce that the new NAGS data has been implemented in the system and is now available. No change is needed on […]

TECH TUESDAY 9-3-2019 #010

Tech Tuesday 9-03-2019 #010 This week we continued optimization efforts. Continuing to work on the scheduler. We have also been working on the performance on the job page. Over the coming weeks we should be rolling these improvements out. The last remaining area (faxing) for the newly redesigned invoice has been completed and is now […]

TECH TUESDAY 8-27-2019 #009

Tech Tuesday 8-27-2019 #009 We had quite a few questions, and a ton of enthusiasm this past week after we brought in the PGW live pricing/availability feature last week. To activate this feature we will need to configure your shop with your PGW customer ID as well as your account with them will need to […]

TECH TUESDAY 8-20-2019 #008

Tech Tuesday 8-20-2019 #008 As mentioned last week, we have a newly redesigned invoice available. We have now implemented the new invoice into the techSIDE application. If the shop default is set to the new ‘Redesign’ style, customer emails, “tsign”‘s generated when sending the job and the download pdf button will all use the new […]

TECH TUESDAY 8-06-2019 #006

TECH TUESDAY 8-06-2019 #006     This week we have a couple of new changes that will help streamline your communication with insurance payers, and your customers. When looking at jobs in GlassBiller, you can now easily see if you have sent a job email or a fax. On the fax and email buttons you […]

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